Family is the foundation of what we do in ministry! We thank God every day for being blessed to continue the spiritual legacy of our family…and for the abundant life we enjoy in Him!


The signature of this church is attributed to the favor of God and the anointed teaching, training and equipping received while diligently serving at the feet of Bishop Carver E. Poindexter and Pastor Lorene Poindexter, Senior Pastors of the Love of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia.

Lyle and Deborah Dukes were saved at an early age and have always exhibited a heart to please God, their Leaders and a passion to care for God’s people.

Through years of sacrifice, faithful service, humility and obedience to their pastors and the vision of the church, they were ordained and charged to the pastoral office by Bishop and Pastor Poindexter to birth a ministry in the Woodbridge area – Harvest Full Gospel Church.

Pastor Lyle Dukes, Evangelist Deborah Dukes and their daughter Brittany held the first church service in the music room of Potomac High School, with no members. However, they had a relentless spirit and a heart to embrace the calling of God. Sacrificing the comfort of their lives, they continued to walk with integrity and follow the principles taught by their Pastors and took to the hedges and highways, compelling the unchurched to come to Jesus – and that they did!

Men, women and families of every walk of life, hungering for change were rapidly joining and building the work of the ministry. As the congregation of “changed lives” continued to increase, the services moved to the auditorium and the church was renamed “Harvest Life Changers Church.” Within five years the ministry experienced an international explosion and moved to its current location on Telegraph Road in Woodbridge VA. Through the faithful sacrificial giving of the Harvest membership, the mortgage of $5M was paid in full within only three short years. God is greatly to be praised!


God has blessed us with a wonderful daughter, Minister Brittany Dukes-Bryant. We stand in awe of how God has developed her into a beautiful and powerful woman of God who is impacting this world for Jesus Christ.

Brittany has dedicated her life to full-time ministry and currently serves as the Director of the Harvest Life Youth Ministry, which includes a plethora of developmental programs and ministries that have touched the hearts of hundreds of youth in our community, leading them to Jesus Christ.

Our son-in-law, Minister Brandon Bryant is also a great asset to the Harvest Life Ministry. He serves as the Director of the Facilities Care and Maintenance Ministry, managing a staff that ensures that every aspect of our worship facility is properly maintained in excellence.

This dynamic couple in ministry are anointed for their Kingdom assignment and work diligently in the trenches of ministry to help carry out the great vision God has given to Harvest Life Church.


Brittany and Brandon have made us the proud grandparents of three beautiful grandsons – Malachi, Jeremiah and Isaiah. They are the joy of our lives! Our grandsons definitely keep us busy, but we love spending time with them. Whether playing games with them or teaching them biblical principles, we take great pleasure in investing in our grandsons and look forward to watching them develop into great men of God.


As a husband and wife, father and mother, a brother and a sister, son and a daughter and grandparents, we are truly blessed that God surrounded us with such loving relationships. Our family has and continues help make us into the man and woman of God we are today…for this, we are grateful.