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Embracing Living Alone As A Senior

Have you ever felt empty while living alone?  Or felt that nobody cares for you because you are at a certain age in life? I know that living alone means you can get caught up in your own thoughts and feelings at times.  These feelings can be negative and make you lose sight of reality – they can even cause you to forget about your own health and the need for connection to others. 

As I entered the category of “senior citizen”, I did not feel any different.  I was vivacious, filled with life and energy.  I had a confidence that I was sure I mattered.  However, as I continue to age, and the world continues to progress in technology and its ability to move at lightning speed.  I have felt, at times, that my opinion did not matter to those that were younger than me.   

I can even say that I have felt “stuck”.  Stuck in a sense of being at a standstill watching everyone around me move freely.  Stuck in a sense that seems like others are contributing to what is going on around them, and I have been placed on the sidelines only to watch.  This feeling of inadequacy comes from thinking that I can no longer operate like I once did – leaving me isolated.  

These feelings have caused my health, finances and family life to suffer.  When caught up in your feelings you can allow the negative temporary state of these feelings to be your full focus, causing you to lose sight of what is important.  You may even miss opportunities to be involved in activities of interest.  

Nonetheless, I am here to say that the local church and being actively involved is so important. It is like a two-edged sword; activity awakens your inner jovial life and allows the opportunity for you to share your wisdom and experience with others.  It also allows the opportunity to fellowship with others in your age group.  Additionally, connecting with community service opportunities reteaches you that it is better to give than to receive.  These opportunities help rid you of your loneliness and allow you to reinvent your purpose at this stage in life. So though life is not what it once looked like, it is far from being over.