• You Are Your Calling

    Your personal disposition is the infrastructure that your ministry is built upon. You cannot escape the fact that you and your ministry are one.

  • Fight the Feeling

    I believe it is important to examine the essence of what the challenge of temptation will bring. In other words, I want to lock down on the fact that there is going to be a battle.

  • Prayer Enhances Your Christian Walk

    One of the greatest things about having a strong prayer life is that it actually makes many other aspects of your walk with God so much better.

  • A Life of Integrity

    God needs to be able to count on people even when the going gets tough. At higher levels, there will be questions of truths that will confront your very spirit.

  • A Woman of Purpose

    As a daughter of God, you are expected to achieve great things. Don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured! You have been specially designed and equipped.

  • A Daughter of the Father

    In God’s eyesight, we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” in His image. A woman is not a second-class citizen — she is a first-class daughter!

  • You Da’ Man

    God is calling you, just as He called Gideon out of a mundane life and hiding from his destiny.

  • Lifting the Weight

    God is our personal trainer. If we yield to Him through obedience, He will ensure that all of our spiritual muscles are effectively worked out.

  • What Connects Us

    In a dating or engaged relationship, there are 3 “ego states” operating all at once...

  • Singled Out For A Purpose

    Let’s face it. For some of us, being single wasn’t exactly what we planned.