We are excited about the great things happening at Harvest Life as God transitions us for this next level of ministry! As a part of our transition, we recently had a powerful Prayer and Forgiveness Service where we released the things in our hearts (bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, guilt and shame) that were weighing us down and holding us back from moving forward. We had to clean our hearts so that we could experience true freedom. It is with this same spirit that we will continue to move forward.

As the next part of our transition, we are going to participate in a Clean Your House and Car Challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to help us identify the things in our lives that need to be removed, cleaned up and put in order so that we can experience freedom to be better for God and our church. Please see the details below on how you can participate in this challenge.

Challenge Instructions:

Pick a Project – Choose one or more of the following projects to do for this challenge.
Clean out your closet
Clean out the garage
Clean and tidy up your yard
Clean out your car
Clean and organize your home office
Finally unpack those boxes
Other: __________________________________

Take a “Before” Photo or Video (30 seconds or less) – Take a photo or video of your cleaning project before you begin so that you can reflect upon your progress when you finish.

Do the Challenge – Roll up your sleeves and make it happen! You can do it if you put your mind to it!

Take an “After” Photo or Video (30 seconds or less) – When you complete the project, take a photo or video to document the success you made through this challenge.

Share Your Success Photo/Video (optional) – If you would like, you may share the success of your cleaning project by sending your “before” and “after” picture or video to cleanupchallenge@harvestlifechangers.com by Wednesday, December 28th.

NOTE: All photos and video submissions may be shared with the congregation on Sunday, January 1st or later.