Have you been blessed with a new or used car? A home? A new job or promotion? “God Did It”…and we want to celebrate with you!

Sign up for the Car, Home, New Job and Promotion Blessing ceremony, held on Wednesday, May 17th after Pastoral Bible Teaching. The theme is “God Did It!” and Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah will pray for God’s blessing on the participants’ cars, homes and jobs.


Congratulations – God blessed you with a car! Don’t miss this Blessing Ceremony! Your vehicle will be covered in prayer, for safety, good working order and longevity of the car. God’s angels will be encamped around your vehicle at all times!


If you want your new house to be a “home” with God at the center, sign up for this very special ceremony. Your home will be covered in prayer – that it will be a safe place where God is honored. Do you need anyone in your house to be saved? This prayer will make a positive impact on everyone living in your house! As they go about their daily activities, the prayer will follow them!

New Job

God did it! So you got the new job – sign up for the ceremony and receive prayer for God’s favor, wisdom and grace to cover you in your workplace. Each time you receive a paycheck, just think about how “God did it” and pay your tithes with joy!


Congratulations! You are in a better position to take care of your family, your home…and your church! Sign up for this ceremony and receive prayer for God’s favor, wisdom and grace as you take on this new assignment. As you consider how God has blessed you with this increase, remember to pay your tithes and show God that you trust Him at every level.

You may sign up to participate by using the form below. You may also sign up at the Guest and Membership Services table in the foyer or by telephone at 703-490-4040. A group photo of all participants will be taken.

Sign Up Form