Walking Takes Work

Everyone wants to be spiritually mature but in reality, there are no shortcuts. It is a process and it takes time.

Waiting on God

In learning how to wait on God, I started applying an introspective assessment to examine whether I am waiting on God like Sarah or like Job.

The Spiritual Man and Woman

I have very few memories of either of my grandmothers.  By the age of 10, I saw my paternal grandmother maybe once or twice a year, and we lived within five miles of each other.

The Joy of Serving at Church and Home

Have you ever thought or felt like God was tugging at your heart to do something but you were not sure what you were supposed to do? If so, know you are not the only one.

The Fight After the Bell

As I grasped the rope in one hand, I shook my fist with the other and with all my heart I declared, “It is finished! Or so I thought!

Staying Active at Any Age

Aging can be a wonderful process that leads to longevity, if we just concentrate on ways to stay spiritually, mentally, and physically active.

Recognizing and Developing your Children’s Gifts

God has placed special gifts inside our children that play a very specific role in the battle for the Kingdom of God.

Peace, the Other Side of Grief

God wants us to be joined and connected to a body of believers to receive a timely word to help us through our grief.

An Open-Ended Invitation!

Many of us are bound by fear or insecurities that cause us to act a certain way that we know is not right. We know we need and want to change, but we cannot change on our own.

Married Couples Succeeding as Business Partners

…married couples living out the journey of entrepreneurship together can experience success in business and life that outweighs all the challenges and makes building a business together that much sweeter.