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A Different World

No one chooses the family they are born into.  Children do not have a choice who their parents are.  This is even more evident for biracial children. Biracial children often struggle with fitting in. When they are babies, they are cute with the nice hair…all babies are cute (smile).  As that baby becomes older and passes the toddler world and starts school, things change. 

Kids speak what they see and hear from their environment.  It is unfortunate that many kids live in an environment that is not inclusive to all.  Now, you have this biracial child who does not look like the rest of the kids.  He learns that he does not fit the mold of the kids around him.  This is tough to handle and becomes tougher when the parents are not able to address the issue with wisdom.  

Parents who are not on a strong spiritual foundation can make a teaching moment difficult.  The words of a parent, if not careful, can have a lasting impact on a vulnerable young mind.  On the other side of the coin, parents with a strong spiritual foundation, the teaching of the local church and the love of God can make this moment a powerful teaching moment that will live in the mind of this young child for a lifetime.   

The local church gives identity to children of all backgrounds.  At Harvest Life Church, our children learn from an early age that they are special, they are Kingdom kids; they are leaders.  They are taught in the various youth programs not only how to treat others, but how they should expect to be treated.  

Harvest Life Church provides confidence to our youth regardless of their background.  They have the confidence to stand up and speak in front of a large audience.  That confidence comes from the loving family environment of the church.  The children may not all look the same, but in the eyes of God, they are all precious and because of the teaching and love, they don’t have to look like everyone else to fit in.   

When kids grow together under godly teaching and training, regardless of background, they gain confidence in who they are and are able to reach other members of their families and even their friends for Christ.  Regardless of the family you are born into, you are part of the Family of Christ.