We are so excited about our new Worship Center and what it represents! We have been giving together as a church family and our ministry partners and friends have also been a blessing to us as we work together to bring God’s Vision to pass!

When we look at our Worship Center construction, we see the steel and concrete, but we also see the future of Harvest Life! We are overwhelmed with joy at the thought of this next level of ministry God is taking us to! He has blessed us to do a great work right where we are, but in our new Worship Center, we’ll be able to do exponentially greater things than we can now. We will see thousands of souls saved, marriages healed, people delivered from bondage, youth programs to keep children off the street and so much more. We will be able to launch programs that are currently on hold due to lack of space and other resources.

We would love for you to share in this very special occasion of our Grand Opening. Please fill out the information below to ensure that we can contact you once our date has been set. If you would like to donate toward the construction of our new Worship Center, you may give a gift of any amount here.

Thank you for stopping by – we’ll see you at the Grand Opening Ceremony!

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