Have you been blessed with a new or used car? A home? A new job or promotion? Congratulations, God Did It…and we want to celebrate with you!

The Car, Home, New Job and Promotion Blessing will be held on Wednesday, November 7th at 7:30 pm during our Church Business Meeting. At the conclusion of the Church Business Meeting, all participants will be called to the front of the sanctuary by category and prayed for by our Senior Pastors, Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah, for God’s blessing on your new car, home, job or promotion.


New Car
Your vehicle will be covered in prayer, for safety, good working order and longevity of the vehicle. Praying that God’s angels will be encamped around your vehicle at all times!

New Home
Your home and anyone living in the home will be covered in prayer. Praying that your home will be a safe place where God is honored.

New Job
You will receive prayer for God’s favor, wisdom and grace to cover you in your workplace. Each time you receive a paycheck, just think about how “God did it” as you pay your tithes with joy!

You will receive prayer for God’s favor, wisdom and grace as you take on this new assignment. As you consider how God has blessed you with this increase, remember to pay your tithes and show God that you trust Him at every level.


Requests will not be accepted for rental apartments or other rental property.

All participants should check in at the Car, Home, New Job and Promotion table in the foyer upon arriving to the church on Wednesday, November 7th.

Deadline to sign up is Sunday, November 4th.

Please note that a group photo will be taken at the end of the blessing!